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BNP SOZ-KQ-5G10G Wall mounted air sterilizer air purifier ozone generator for killing virus remove odour

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    The ozone is air which has a little fishy and achromaticity, also is one of the best oxidizer. It has good function for sterilization, purge the air and decolor.

    The ozone sterilization is quickly and safety. When the ozone concentrations attain a certain extent, it kills the virus and germ immediately, then break up the oxygen, isn’t secondary pollution. Compare with the other ways, ozone sterilization still has spread quickly, no dead angle, operate easy and consume low energy etc advantage.

    The ozone has important value in the area of air purge, sterilization, deodorization, drinking water cleansing, food processing, dining service, medical etc. At present, make use of ozone technique to sterilization, disinfection, improve air quality in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japanese etc.


    Working principle:

    The air sterilizer takes oxygen as material, high voltage frequency conversion discharge ozone, and make use the ozone of good oxidize to sterilization, disinfection, deodorization decontamination air.



    Public places, for example: hotel, motel, karaoke bar, night club, internetbar, bus station, shopping mall and office, have a lot ofharmful volatile substance during decoration. Doors and windows are closed when using air conditioners, which makes the air circulation slow and lead to the drastic increase of the bacteria and microbe. Hence, the above mentioned polluted air is harmful to people. SOZ-KQ G series air purification machine has the
    function of air purification, disinfection, removal of odor and smoke.The product creates fresh indoor air and can prevent disease.







    SOZ-KQ -1.5G













    Manually switch on/off or timer control




    500*200 *150

    500*200 *150

    550*220* 180

    550*220* 180















    Power (W)






    Electrical power


    220~240V,50~60 HZ


    Installation instruciton:

    1.Choose position

    This model for the hang type, should hang as far as possible in the higher place of wall (1.2 meters are above), in order to the ozone spread.

    2. Installation

    After choose the install position, according the handing position to stiletto; then fix two plastics inflation tube(outside dia 8mm) in a hole of the wall, put the screw into inflation tube, remain the 10mm head only; put up the machine after ensure the fixation, notice to hang fastness, connect the power(as below).

    3. Notice

    a. Have insurance equipment.

    b. Have independence socket, a ground line of the socket must be dependable connect ground.

    c. Didn’t install in outside and extremely damp environment.

    d. Wind inlet mouth can not is jammed, can not keep close to the furniture and other combustible articles, in order to prevent an accident.



    1. The air sterilizer is work in timer, power plug connect with timer, timer which control power and set time fix on the power plug.

    2. Control the timer to adjust ozone concentration and output.

    3. If don’t use this machine for a long time, please pull out the power.






    Factory deails:

    Factory 1000

    Factory 1000

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