BNP YX-1000/YX-2000 multi-function ozone generator purifier for Home application and Medical Treatment and Drinking Water treatment

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  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    The products utilize ozone technology for water dispenser disinfection. Being the strongest disinfectant used for water treatment today and generating no undesirable by-product, ozone is the most efficient and healthy approach for water dispenser disinfection.



    Ozone pipes, diffuser



    1. Air purification

    (1) It extremely purifies the air and remove toxic substances including the bacteria, lampblack and odors

    2. Ozone sterilization

    (1) Better result for washing fish, meat and food with longer fresh-keeping time, Disassembles the hormone in the meat of household birds, commodity sterilization and reduces the remained pesticide, agrichemicals , personal tend, harmful substance in house

    (2) Cleans vegetable and fruit, eliminates residue pesticide and toxic chemical substances

    (3) Cleans stocked rice, removes rice bran and cancer-inducing substances and aspergillus

    (4) Cleans table wares and cooking utensils, disinfects and sterilizes,  preventing cross contamination

    3. Kills more virus

    (1)Kills microorganisms:

    a. 99.7% of coliform and 99.9% of staphylococcus aureus on the surface of objects

    b. Brevibacterium spores

    (2) Control fungous:

    a. Kills 100% of aspergillus versicolor and penicillium

    b. Kills 100% of Aspergillus niger, fusarium and fusarium oxysporum

    (3) Anti virus:

    a. Destroys 99.99% of HBsAgand of HAAg

    b. Kills Influenza virus and SARS virus

    4. Personal hygiene

    (1) Use it for washing hands before meal to sterilization without any other disinfecting water, convenient and cost effective

    (2) Makes oxygen-rich beautification and skin improvement, rinse mouth for cleaning teeth and removes stain, washes face and removes acnefrom face

    (3) Cleans women’s and infants’ private articles and towels to disinfect without any other disinfecting water.

    (4) Treats and prevents diseases. unespected curative effect can be obtained in treating halitosis,pericoronitis, gray nail, hemorrhoids vaginitis, beriberi.





    ozone output ( mg/h )









    Electrical power input

    220~240V, 50~60 HZ; 110V, 50~60 HZ

    YX MIXFactory 1000


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