About Us

In 1978, China implemented the reform and opening-up policy. However even by 1990s, the application of ozone was not recognized in China since there was a lack of education in the industry. Realizing that,our devotion and research has never stopped. First established in 1998, BNP ozone technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven company committed to redearching, designing, manufacturing and marketing of ozone generation equipment and related components.

We make every effort to educate our customers, provide solutions of ozone for their projects. Years of hard work has paid off, the ozone application was accepted in various fileds and our ozone generators were also recognized as highly reliable products with excellent performance in China. For decades, we have been suppling ozone generators for many well-known customers, for example, Coca-Cola, Ting Hisin International, Danone, Desjoyaux, serving 60% of the ozone commercial application in domestic market.

As China become “world factory”, our products gradually became known to world-wide customers. And they are sold to different continent around the globe. To make BNP ozone products more and more accessible in the world, we started BNP ozone international division in 2014, including marketing, sales and customer service.

In the next 20 years, we will continue to take the mission of keeping in pace with the latest technology, providing reliable products, making research in the exploration of ozone application and increasing BNP ozone product range for more extensive applications.