Working principle of ozone generator for sewage treatment

Ozone treatment of sewage uses strong oxidation function to oxidize and decompose organic matter in sewage, remove odor, sterilize and disinfect, remove color, and improve water quality. Ozone can oxidize a variety of compounds, kill thousands of bacteria and viruses, and can Removes substances that are difficult to remove with other water treatment processes. So what is the working principle of sewage treatment ozone generator? Let’s take a look!


In water treatment, ozone and its intermediate product hydroxyl group (·OH) decomposed in water work synergistically and have strong oxidizing properties. They can decompose organic matter that is difficult to be destroyed by general oxidants. The reaction is safe, fast, and has sterilization properties. , disinfection, deodorization, decolorization and other functions. There are a large number of microorganisms, aquatic plants, algae and other organic matter in sewage. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties and can effectively remove microorganisms in the water, decolorize and deodorize, degrade COD and improve water quality. Its oxidizing ability is chlorine 2 times.


The organic or inorganic substances in wastewater contain sulfur and nitrogen, which are the main causes of odor. When low-concentration ozone of 1-2 mg/L is added to wastewater, these substances can be oxidized and achieve a deodorizing effect. It is worth mentioning that in addition to removing odor, ozone can also prevent the recurrence of odor. This is because the gas generated by the ozone generator contains a large amount of oxygen or air, and the substances that produce odor can easily cause odor in an oxygen-deficient environment. If ozone treatment is used, an oxygen-rich environment will be formed during oxidation and deodorization. , thereby preventing the recurrence of odor.


In the decolorization problem, ozone has an oxidative decomposition effect on colored organic matter in the water body, and a trace amount of ozone can have a good effect. Colored organic compounds are generally polycyclic organic compounds with unsaturated bonds. When treated with ozone, the unsaturated chemical bonds can be opened and the molecules can be broken, thereby making the water clearer.


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Post time: Nov-23-2023