How to use an ozone generator to disinfect water

As an ozone generator in the water treatment process, how does it disinfect water? What kind of water quality treatment can it be used for? Ozone can be used for both back-end deep treatment of water treatment and front-end pretreatment. It can remove organic matter, odor, It has very good effects in sterilization, disinfection, decolorization, etc. The reason why it has such a powerful function is because of the strong oxidizing properties of ozone. It has a very good treatment effect on tap water, industrial wastewater and other water quality. How to use an ozone generator to disinfect water? Please read below for information on how to use and principles of ozone generators for water treatment.

Integrating ozone into water can solve the problem of odorous substances and impure colors in the water, kill 99% of bacteria in the water, and achieve the effects of decolorization, deodorization, COD degradation, bleaching, and algae control. It is said that ozone can kill All substances harmful to human body.

Ozone Solutions

Water treatment ozone generators can remove color, taste and odor, reduce turbidity, remove organic matter, micro-flocculation, iron and manganese oxides, and most commonly disinfect and inactivate viruses. The principle of water treatment ozone generator comes from the high oxidation function of ozone. Ozone can be added at different steps in water treatment depending on the purpose of use.

The water treatment ozone generator can disinfect tap water mainly because of its high oxidation potential and its easy diffusion through the microbial cell membrane. While ozone kills microorganisms in the water, it can also oxidize various organic matter in the water and remove the color, smell, taste, etc. in the water. In short, the effectiveness of ozone disinfection of tap water is very good.

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Post time: Nov-29-2023