How to choose an oxygen concentrator? These points are very important

When filling molecular sieves in PSA oxygen generators, it is usually necessary to consider the four steps of molecular sieve filling environment, molecular sieve filling steps, capping and filling in production records:

Environmental requirements

a Molecular sieve filling should be carried out in a dry environment.

b. The humidity required for filling molecular sieves is <60%, and construction can only be carried out after confirmation.

c. Opened molecular sieves should not be exposed to the air for a long time, and the time for filling a barrel of the oxygen generator should be within 8 minutes.

d. During the filling process of molecular sieve, >95% nitrogen or argon should be used for purge protection inside the adsorption tank.

e The molecular sieve filling area must be kept tidy and clean.

Air Ozone Generator

Oxygen generator filling

a Take safety precautions before starting the loading work.

b Prepare the molecular sieve funnel and filling bucket lid tool.

c After the oxygen concentrator equipment is filled once, it will be vibrated on the vibration platform for 1 minute. Equipment smaller than 10 cubic meters can be vibrated by hitting the tank with a hammer until the molecular sieve does not sink.

d. Equipment less than 3 tons is transported to the vibration platform with a forklift, and equipment greater than 3 tons is hoisted to the vibration platform with a crane. During vibration, the forklift or crane will assist in preventing the equipment from moving.

After e is completed, measure the distance between the molecular sieve plane and the flange ring weld.

f The error between the actual filling volume and the specified filling volume shall not exceed ±5%, and the filling volume error of the two adsorption towers shall not exceed ±2%.

g After the molecular sieve filling work is completed, it shall not exceed the head line. Any problems must be reported and solved in time.

h inspection report


After filling, install the gas-producing squirrel cage and PTFE pad, assemble the upper valve group pipeline of the equipment, and use matching bolts to tighten and seal the upper flange cover, flange and other parts.

Record relevant data in a timely manner after molecular sieve filling is completed

Post time: May-24-2024