How to choose an economical ozone generator

The first step is to determine the purpose of the ozone equipment you are purchasing, whether it is used for space disinfection or water treatment. For space treatment, you can choose an economical low concentration ozone generator. An external air source is optional, but it is generally recommended to purchase an all-in-one machine with a built-in air source. This type of ozone generator has a simple structure and low price, but the temperature and humidity during operation affect the production of ozone. This type of ozone generation is the ozone device with the lowest output and simplest configuration. For places with high requirements, you can also choose high concentration ozone generators, that is, oxygen source or rich oxygen source ozone generators.

The second is to identify the quality of the ozone generator. The quality of an ozone generator can be identified from many aspects such as manufacturing materials, system configuration, cooling method, operating frequency, control method, ozone concentration, air source and energy consumption indicators. A high-quality ozone generator should be made of high dielectric materials, standard configuration (including gas source and waste gas decomposition device), double electrode cooling, drive high frequency, intelligent control, high ozone concentration output, low power consumption and low gas source consumption. Compare the qualifications of the manufacturer, whether it is a production company, years of operation and warranty period, after-sales conditions, etc. can be included in the reference range.

Then compare the cost/performance ratio of ozone equipment. High-quality ozone generators are manufactured to standards from design to configuration and manufacturing materials, and the cost is much higher than that of low-end generators and low-configuration generators. However, the performance of high-quality ozone generators is very stable, and the concentration and output of ozone are not affected by environmental factors. However, low configuration ozone generators are greatly affected by the environment when operating. Increases in temperature and humidity can significantly reduce ozone production and concentration, thereby affecting the treatment effect. When purchasing, a comprehensive comparison of price and performance should be made.

Pay attention to details when making your final purchase. Understand whether the ozone generator contains a gas source. The cost of a generator with a gas source and a generator without a gas source is very different. If you buy an ozone generator without an air source thanks to the price advantage, you still have to provide your own air source device and you might end up spending more money. Understand the structural form of the generator, whether it can work continuously, the concentration of ozone production and other indicators. Confirm the rated power of the ozone generator, whether it is the marked power when using an air source or an oxygen source. Since the ozone production when the ozone generator uses an oxygen source is twice as much as when it uses an air source, the cost difference between the two is almost doubled.


Post time: Oct-25-2023