Application and function of ozone generator in different factories

Ozone disinfection technology is a new technology of sanitation and disinfection introduced into the industry in recent years. The sterilization and disinfection characteristics of ozone gas and ozone water make it have the advantage of replacing the current ultraviolet and chemical disinfection methods; it can also solve the problem that some products cannot be used The problem of heat disinfection method greatly reduces energy consumption.

The role of ozone generator application in the factory:

1. Ozone generators are used in the food processing industry: such as production water treatment, space sterilization in production workshops, packaging rooms, changing rooms, sterile rooms, production equipment, tools, etc. The water ozone generator air purifier can remove most of the toxic substances and odors in the air, such as CO, paint or coating volatiles, cigarette smoke, biological odor, etc., and can kill various infectious bacteria and viruses in the air.

2. Applied in the fruit and vegetable processing industry: anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, prolonging storage time. Due to the strong killing effect on bacteria and microorganisms, treating fish, meat and other foods with ozone water can achieve the effects of antiseptic, odor elimination and fresh preservation. While generating active oxygen, it can also produce a large amount of negative ion oxygen. Some negative ions in the air can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay their metabolic process. At the same time, active oxygen can kill pathogenic bacteria that cause fruit and vegetable rot, and decompose metabolic wastes such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatics and other substances that have a ripening effect produced during the storage of fruits and vegetables. In this way, under the action of ozone, the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and the growth and spread of microbial pathogens are inhibited, so as to delay their ripening and aging, prevent their rot and deterioration, and achieve the effect of freshness preservation. Studies have shown that active oxygen can prolong the storage period of food, beverages and fruits and vegetables by 3 to 10 times.


3. Applied in the water treatment industry: drinking water treatment: micro-nano ozone is used for drinking water treatment. In addition to good sterilization effect and no secondary pollution, it also has decolorization, deodorization, removal of iron, manganese, oxidative decomposition of organic matter and As a coagulation aid, some reports point out that micro-nano ozone can disinfect all harmful substances in water.

4. Applied in public places of enterprises and institutions: enterprise sewage treatment, community property companies (cooperation), theaters, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls, hair salons, beauty salons, public baths, nursing homes, hospitals, sterile rooms, waiting halls of stations , Large and small entertainment rooms, warehouses and hotels, hotel rooms, museums and other units, door-to-door disinfection services.

Post time: Aug-03-2023