Advantages of sewage treatment ozone generator

Ozone generators for sewage treatment have fast reaction speed, complete sterilization, no secondary pollution, and no toxic by-products. They are widely used in many industries to treat chemical sewage, hospital wastewater, domestic wastewater, breeding wastewater, swimming pool water, etc. Well, BNP ozone technology Co., Ltd. is a professional purchaser of ozone generators for chemical wastewater treatment, supplying various specifications of ozone generators for chemical wastewater treatment to the whole country. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages of ozone generators for sewage treatment!

1. Ozone can chlorine and decompose macromolecular organic matter that is not easily degraded into small molecular organic matter in the water, and oxygenate the water to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, providing better conditions for subsequent treatment (especially biological treatment)

2. Ozone can remove the smell and taste of organic matter such as microorganisms, aquatic plants, and algae with good effect. Its decolorization ability is more effective and rapid than Cl2 and ClO2.

3. As a highly efficient oxidant without secondary pollution, ozone has the strongest oxidizing ability among commonly used oxidants, and its oxidizing ability is twice that of chlorine.

4. Ozone disinfection is less affected by pH value, water temperature and ammonia content in the water.


5. Ozone disinfection has good effect, small dosage, fast action, does not produce harmful substances such as chloroform, and can also make the water have good sensory indicators.

6. Adding ozone can change the nature and size of the surface charge of small-sized particles, causing the small charged particles to aggregate; at the same time, during the oxidation of dissolved organic matter by the ozone generator, there is also a flocculation effect, which is helpful for improving the coagulation effect. certain effect

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Post time: Nov-21-2023