What is the purpose of an air compressor

In recent years, industrial air compressors are widely used. Air compressors are called “general purpose machines” because of their versatility.

So what are air compressors used for? Here are some uses for air compressors.

1. Compressed air as power source:

Drives all types of pneumatic machinery. The pneumatic tools supplied with Sullair air compressors have an exhaust pressure of 7 to 8 kg/cm2.It is used to control instruments and automation equipment.The pressure is approximately 6 kg/cm2. It is used for self-driving cars, doors, windows, etc. Opening and closing, pressure 2 to 4 kg/cm2, stirring for pharmaceutical industry and brewing industry, pressure 4 kg/cm2, horizontal blow pressure for air jet loom 1 to 2 kg/cm2. cm2, medium and large diesel engines Well start-up pressure 25-60 kg/cm2 Well fracturing pressure 150 kg/cm2 “Secondary process” oil recovery, pressure about 50 kg/cm2 High pressure blasting coal mining pressure is about 800 kg/sq cm and pressure compressed air in the defense industry is the driving force. Rising submarines, launching and driving torpedoes, and raising sunken ships all use compressed air at various pressures to power them.

2. Compressed gas is used in refrigeration industry and mixed gas separation.

In the artificial refrigeration industry, air compressors can compress, cool, expand and liquefy gas to achieve the effects of refrigeration and air conditioning, and for mixed gases, air compressors can also use the separation function. A device that separates gases of different constituents, yielding gases of varying degrees and varying colors.


3. Compressed gas is used for synthesis and polymerization.

In the chemical industry, compressing gases to high pressure is often beneficial for synthesis and polymerization. For example, ammonia is synthesized from nitrogen and hydrogen, methanol is synthesized from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and urea is synthesized from carbon dioxide and ammonia. For example, in the chemical industry, the pressure of high pressure polyethylene reaches 1500-3200 kg/cm2.

4. Hydrorefining of compressed gas for petroleum:

In the petroleum industry, hydrogen can be artificially heated and pressurized to react with petroleum to break down the heavy hydrocarbon components into lighter hydrocarbon components, such as heavy oil lightening and lubricating oil hydrotreating. .

5. For gas delivery:

Water-cooled screw air compressors, air compressors used to transport gas in pipelines, determine the pressure according to the length of the pipeline. When sending remote gas, the pressure can reach 30 kg/cm2. The bottling pressure of chlorine gas is 10-15kg/cm2, and the bottling pressure of carbon dioxide is 50-60kg/cm2.

Post time: Sep-27-2023